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logo Restore your entire smile

logo Healthy, safe materials

logo Eat and speak with security

logo Keep your smile for longer

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Tired of loose dentures inhibiting your ability to speak, eat and smile? We have just the thing. Regular dentures are only held in the mouth by paste, suction or gravity. This results in a weak foundation for your dental needs, and it can lead to your overall oral health decreasing over time. Teeth-in-a-day restorations use dental implants to anchor your new smile and give you the foundation you need to chew and speak with ease and improve your oral health. And the best part is, you can get a new, full set of teeth quickly!

Can’t Eat What You Want?

logo Normal eating is not possible without a full set of teeth.

logo Teeth-in-a-day treatment gives you a stable bite with implants.

logo With your new teeth, you can eat almost anything!

Missing Most of Your Teeth?

logo Missing teeth make it hard to smile, speak and eat.

logo Replacing your teeth does not have to be a difficult process!

logo Get your new, complete smile in just one visit with our team.

Common Questions?

logo What are the benefits of a new smile? How can I restore mine?

logo What is the best option for dentures? What do I need to know?

logo Our team has the answers to these questions and many more!

Which Option Is Best for Me?


Traditional Dentures

checks Removable

checks Not secured over dental implants

checks May loosen in the mouth

checks More difficulty with eating and speaking



checks Reliable dental implant base

checks Long-lasting

checks Low maintenance

checks Closest to natural teeth

Snap Dentures

Snap-On Dentures

checks Removable

checks Secured over dental implants

checks Improved stability in the mouth

checks More normal eating and speaking

Chewing Capacity

With Teeth-in-a-Day, You Can Speak and Eat With Confidence!

Benefits of Teeth-in-a-Day

Natural function and beauty
Comfort and reliability
Freedom to eat what you want
Short treatment and waiting time
No time without your smile